HD - real High Definition CCTV

Full HD recorders and cameras. Record your CCTV footage in 720p and full 1080p high definition resolution. Absolute sharp video quality in real full HD.

HD standards (HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD) provide brilliant picture quality in never before seen pin sharp CCTV footage transmitting images via normal coax cable or Cat5e / Cat6 with HD video baluns.

Compared to standard analogue CCTV in D1 or 960H resolution the HD picture has up to 400% higher resolution, yet for the same price than analogue systems have been offered for.


Also the contrast and colour saturation of the video footage as improved, far beyond that known from previous CCTV recordings.
Furthermore the camera image is now recorded without any loss in resolution, means when the camera has 1080p (2 Mega Pixel) resolution, the recorded image has 1080p resolution and can be displayed in full 1080p HD on a HD monitor.

Do you already have a CCTV system? No problem - the current infrastructure (wiring and cables) can be used for a HD system. Also all of our new DVRs are tri-hybrid, which means they can not just operate HD cameras, also normal standard analogue cameras can be run with these recorders (as well as a number of IP cameras).

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Get the full picture with Real High Definition CCTV!