Safire apps for Smartphones and Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets) Hikvision OEM

Safire apps for Smartphones and Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets) Hikvision OEM





Use the original Hik-Connect smartphone app from HikVision for iPhone / iPad and Android Smartphones or Tablets.

Download here:

Hik-Connect_h50  Hik-Connect - Download from the AppStore  Hik-Connect - Get It On Google Play!


Our apps for mobile devices provide powerful features like multi channel live view, playback and local backup, snapshot, swipe screen to zoom in,  bi-directional audio and many more.
Here is a list of available apps for our DVRs. Please refer to the DVR's manual and information provided with the DVR or contact our support for the best mobile apps for your smartphone / tablet.

Safire Control Center mobile client software for Android can be used to remotely monitor live video from Safire Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), IP Cameras and Video Encoders from your phone in an easy, convenient way. SCC allows playback of recorded files, access pictures and videos stored in the device and control alarm outputs and PTZ controls (when available).

The SCC mobile client allows the registration of devices by means of their IP addresses or their domain names. If the device is connected to the Internet from a private network (such as a residential or home network), its ports need to be mapped or forwarded in the router (contact your provider for more information).

For iPhones and Android Smartphones:

Safire Control Center - Download from the AppStore  Safire Control Center - Get It On Google Play!

For iPad and Android Tablets:

Safire Control Center HD - Download from the AppStore  Safire Control Center HD - Get It On Google Play!

The devices are also fully compatible to many Hikvision apps and client software.

How to setup plug and play easy connect?

After you have download the app to you phone or tablet please make sure the DVR / NVR or IP camera is connectet to your internet / broadband router.
Just in case - here are some accessories you could use to get your recorder or IP camera operated with your router:

In the DVR / NVR:

  • go to "Main Menu -> Configuration -> Network" and make sure the tick box beside "DHCP" is ticked
  • click on the "Platform Access" field on the near top of the page
  • Here you can find the QR code for the device serial number and the verification code. Both are required for the app

Open the app in your phone or tablet and click on the symbol with the circled 3 lines on top left of the screen to open the menu, there choose "EasyConnect":

Safire_control_center_s1_h300    Safire_control_center_s2_h300

If you haven't registered for an EasyConnect account yet, please do so via the "register" button. After logging in please click on the "+" symbol in the circle top right of the screen.

Safire_control_center_s3_h300    Safire_control_center_s4_h300

Now you can either scan the code from the "Platform Access" screen of the DVR / NVR (see above) or type in the serial number (SN) from the label either underneath the recorder or the box of the DVR / NVR. The app may ask you for the verification code available in the Platform Access menu.

The setup is now complete and you should be able to see the cameras on your phone / tablet. Depending on the network speed we would recommend to view 1 camera at the same time and switch to each camera individually.