PROception proMOD32 versatile RF / UHF AV Modulator with Remote Control Extension

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  • PROception proMOD32
  • Versatile UHF AV Modulator with Control Extrension
  • RF Loop-through
  • Remote DC Power for Remote Amps & Support for Sky I/O (lead included)

RF Modulator for domestic systems

The proMOD32 fills the gap left by the removal of RF modulators from many digital set-top-boxes, recorders and similar products.
The unit allows continued use of the popular 'extension room' application, where the selected programme output of one of more set-top devices is made available at a number of remote outlets, with the capability to allow remote control of the source equipment from the remote room(s). The unit provides a modulated UHF analogue sound and vision signal, suitable for any N with a UK analogue tuner. ( Remote TVs will require integral digital tuners or their own digital set-top boxes in order to watch off-air digital broadcasts.) 

  • High quality sound and vision modulator - UK PAL standard video with mono FM audio (System I).
  • Supports infrared remote control extension from remote rooms to most source equipment.
  • Supports the new Sky J/0 PORT interface - a simple single-lead connection to new-style Sky boxes (lead supplied).
  • Loop-through SCART connections - allows single-SCART boxes to be used, retaining an output for a local N.
  • Tamper-resistant output channel selection - covers UHF channels 21 - 60.
  • Provides DC power for remote amplifier and IR 'eyes' (systems up to four ways) - replaces the Sky RF2 power.
  • LTEB00-protected RF input.
  • Ability to optimise the regenerated IR carrier frequency emitted by a blaster (30-40kHz range) to suit the appropriate equipment.

Application Examples:





Technical Specifications


Operating frequency range (loop-through): 87.5 – 790 MHz (Band II – Ch E60)
Loop-through gain: 0 – 3 dB
Modulator output channels: E21 – E60 switch selectable
Modulator RF output level: 70 – 75 dBμV (peak sync)



Modulation type: DSB AM with FM mono sound at +6 MHz
TV system: UK System I generally to ITU-R Rec. BT 4701
Video input (Sky I/O port and SCART-IN): CVBS 1 V p-p (internal 75 Ωtermination)
Buffered video output (TV SCART): CVBS 1 V p-p (with external 75 Ωtermination)
Audio input sensitivity at Sky I/O port: 1.5 V RMS sine for ±27 kHz deviation
Audio input sensitivity at SCART-IN: 0.5 V RMS sine for ±27 kHz deviation



Power available at RF-OUT: 9 V DC at 75 mA max. (s/c protected)
Remote control type (Sky I/O): Hard-wired over Sky I/O interface
Remote control type (other): Infrared re-emission using IR blaster
Infrared regenerated carrier frequency: Adjustable over approx. 30 – 40 kHz



RF-IN: ‘IEC’ (female) (IEC 61169-2)
RF-OUT: Type-F (female) (IEC 61169-24)
Sky I/O: 10-pin mini-DIN (proprietary interface)
IR-OUT: 3.5 mm mono jack
DC power: 2.1/5.5 mm DC jack



Operating temperature range: 0 – +40 °C
DC power requirement: 12 V (nominal) at 400 mA max. (power adapter included)
Safety standard: BS EN 60065
EMC standards: BS EN 55013 & BS EN 55020

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