16ch Dahua XVR 5 in 1 XVR HDCVI HDTVI AHD CVBS 960H Analogue IP HD 1080N 960 x 1080 pixels HDCVI_Logo_h25HDTVI_Logo_h25AHD_LOGO-h25 Compatible with standard analogue CVBS cameras IP cameras up to 5 Mega PixelRemote viewing / access via internet and smartphones, tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad)Plug and Play internet connection via P2P Cloud featureMotion Detection Smartphone Push Alarms Audio via video co-axial or UTP - no extra wiring required

  • Digital Video Recorder 16 channel Universal 5 in 1
  • Embedded Processor, H.264 video compression
  • Supports all common standards: HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, CVBS analogue, IP
  • HD 1080N/720p, analogue 960H/D1, IP Network (Onvif) 5 Mega Pixel
  • 16 channel + 2 IP
  • Up to 25fps per Channel
  • 1 Channel Bi-directional Audio 1x in / 1x output
  • HMDI with full HD (1080p) & VGA output
  • Supports 1 hard drive
  • P2P - Plug and Play Internet Setup
  • Smartphone / Tablet support
  • Audio via video co-axial cable or UTP - without extra wiring
  • Smart Fan
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The Multi-Talent from TP-Link - makes your wired network devices Wifi enabled:

  • Client Mode allows ordinary wired network devices to connect to a Wifi network
    e.g. connect your DVR / XVR / ZVR / NVR to your wifi router via wifi
  • Access Point Mode transforms a wired network to Wifi
  • Repeater Mode extens your existing Wifi range

300Mbps high speed with two seperate antennas for transmitting (tx) and receiving (rx)

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