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  • +353 1 443 3386
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  • Unit 6A Aran Centre, Blessington Business Park, Blessington, County Wicklow W91 VN27 Ireland

WEEE Information

Electronic Waste Take Back and Recycling

WEEE Information CCTVDI.COM CCTV Systems Blessington Retail

What is WEEE?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices, including computers, smartphones, household appliances, and more. WEEE contains both valuable materials and hazardous substances that require proper handling, recycling, and disposal.

Responsible Disposal

At CCTVDI, we are committed to environmental responsibility and support the proper disposal of WEEE. When you purchase electronic products from us, you are also responsible for their end-of-life disposal.

We will take back your old appliance free of charge on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis. That means the product must be of a similar type or have performed the same function as the new product purchased. For example if you purchase a monitor we will take back your old monitor of similar size free of charge and ensure it is recycled in a safe and responsible manner.

However if you buy a digital video recorder, we will not take back your old television or refrigerator.

Waste batteries including rechargeable batteries are taken back free of charge. You are not obliged to make any purchase when returning old batteries.

Your Responsibilities:

Do NOT Discard in Household Waste: Please do not dispose of WEEE products in your regular household waste. It is your responsibility to ensure they are properly disposed of, recycled, or recovered.

Return to Retailer: If you are purchasing a new electronic product from us and wish to dispose of your old one, you can return it to our store or send it in for recycling. Please contact us by phone and email and we will arrange for collection. We will ensure its proper handling and recycling.

WEEE Collection Points: Alternatively you can bring WEEE to your nearest civic amenity centre, of which there are approximately 64 located throughout the Republic of Ireland, which will allow consumers to dispose of all old electronic equipment and waste batteries free of charge. In many regions, there are designated WEEE collection points or recycling centers where you can drop off your WEEE items. Check with your local authorities for the nearest collection point.

Environmental Impact:

Improper disposal of WEEE can have a detrimental impact on the environment and human health. Many electronic devices contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. When not disposed of correctly, these substances can leach into the soil and water, causing pollution.

Data Security:

Before disposing of any electronic device, please remember to erase all personal data from the device to protect your privacy.

Contact Information:

If you have questions about the proper disposal of WEEE or need information on the nearest collection points, please feel free to contact us at:


Unit 6A Aran Centre

Blessington Business Park


Co. Wicklow

W91 VN27


Phone: 01 4433386

Email: mailbox@cctvdi.com

We are here to assist you in ensuring the responsible disposal of electronic products.

Together, we can contribute to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.

WEEE Registration Number: RON1270, Producer Registration Number: IE03191WB